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"Temporary Living" is one of the new housing styles we have found in all major German cities.

Temporary accommodation is suitable for all people seeking short term, fast or accommodation for a foreseeable future. In this area Looks Inn - in the short or long term

We offer favourable rooms for short or long-term stays of commuters, trade fair visitors, fitters or holidaymakers, as well as competitively priced            apartments that can be used as a base for accommodation, or for short and longer stays.



Dischingerstr Heidelberg - Pfaffengrund (Monteurzimmer) Dischingerstraße 14, 69123 Heidelberg

Weststadt Heidelberg

Heidelberg - Weststadt (Appartements) In der Vogelstang 7, 69115 Heidelberg


Wiesenstraße 71, 68519 Viernheim

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